Hummingbird – Do We Have a Viable Alternative to Amazon for Ebooks?

Hummingbird for Book Publishers. Sell the e-books and audiobooks you publish from your own branded storefront. Missing out on direct to consumer digital sales? With Hummingbird, you can be up and running in minutes and start selling your e-books and audiobooks directly to your readers via your own branded storefront and branded app. Why send your customers to another company’s website? You can even sell the books of other publishers/authors, and get paid the Merchant cut!

The short info you need:

Hummingbird pays 73% of your own titles and 12-23% of the retail price other titles sold from your storefront.

Direct deposit to your bank account.

Looks like there’s no download charges, or tax withholding.

This could well be a decent addition to your portfolio of sales vendors.

As always, do the due diligence on the vendor, and please do make comment of you have experienced them or have other info.


Source: For Book Publishers – Hummingbird Digital Media

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Amazon’s Audible introduces shareable audio ‘Clips’ to make audiobooks more social – GeekWire

Sharing your favorite passages from an e-book is pretty easy. Just highlight the text and click to share. But there’s a big difference between reading a passage and hearing it read by a great actor or passionate author. With an update to the Audible app coming out today, Amazon is trying to make it as easy to share audiobooks as it is to share e-books.

Source: Amazon’s Audible introduces shareable audio ‘Clips’ to make audiobooks more social – GeekWire

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Scribd Revises Its Subscription Model


On the back of the recent Oyster Ebook Subscription close-down, Scribd this week announced a change to its ebook subscription service that executives say will enable the company to expand and offer a wider variety of titles.

Under the new plan, Scribd’s subscription service will essentially be a hybrid offering. Monthly subscribers will be issued Monthly Read credits that will enable them to read three e-books and one audiobook every month from the full Scribd library while still being able to read an unlimited number of books from Scribd Selects, a rotating selection of titles. There will be no change in the service’s $8.99 monthly price. In addition, monthly users will be able to roll over unused credits, so that those who read less than three books in a month can read more titles in subsequent months.

Source: Scribd Revises Its Subscription Model

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Forget e-books, Audiobooks may be the real future of reading – MarketWatch

Audiobooks racked up $1.5 billion in sales last year, and remain the fastest-growing segment of the book publishing industry.

“When I called Audible, Amazon’s audiobook subsidiary, the company crunched the numbers and found examples of books in every imaginable genre that sell better as spoken than written words — sometimes four times as well. (Characteristically reticent Amazon declined to give exact sales figures across formats.)So why were these audiobooks outselling the text versions? As I studied the range of romance novels, thrillers, self-help and business books that sold better in audio, I could find no discernible pattern or formula to explain what made a title an audiobook hit.”

Source: Forget e-books, this may be the real future of reading – MarketWatch

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