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JimandZetta.com – A Love Story

Jim and Zetta Brown were once separated by 5,000 miles until an email, meant to cause havoc, appeared in Zetta’s inbox–a virus email that appeared to have come from Jim. Hot-headed Texan that she is, Zetta decided not to kill the suave Scotsman when she realized he hadn’t actually send it. The two started chatting, and lo-and-behold, Zetta found herself flying across the Atlantic to marry and live in Scotland with Jim!

The Browns were involved with digital publishing long before it became mainstream and before the publishing industry dinosaurs woke up to the smell of burning coffee. Jim and Zetta are authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs–just like many other authors and publishers. But there is a huge learning curve when it comes to publishing–and Jim and Zetta realized that they could combine their skills to help others.

In 2008 from a two-bedroom flat in Scotland, JimandZetta.com was born and offers editing, ebook conversion, document formatting, print typesetting and layout, cover design, troubleshooting, file upload services, consultation, publishing packages, and more while keeping clients up to date with information about digital publishing.

For nearly a decade, JimandZetta.com has been providing services to established and burgeoning publishers as well as self-published authors. They do the groundwork while the client focuses on their goal–publishing books.

The hot-headed Texan and the suave Scotsman cordially invite you to follow their blog and to stay current with news and changes relevant to the publishing industry.



Established in 2008

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