New Author Earnings Report Indicates Massive Amazon Sales, Big Five Struggling – Publishing Perspectives

At the DBW conference in March, a mysterious ‘Data Guy’ is going to show in a keynote address that Amazon are pulling in massive sales on ebooks and that the Big Five authors are accounting for only a fraction of those sales.

“As of mid-January 2016, Amazon’s US ebook sales were running at a rate of 1,064,000 paid downloads a day…Total: 1,064,000

  • Indie Self-Published ebook KU full-read equivalents    155,000
  • Indie Self-Published regular retail ebook sales    293,000
  • Small/Medium Publisher ebook sales     204,000
  • Amazon-Publishing Imprint ebook sales     115,000
  • Big Five Publisher ebook sales     244,000
  • Uncategorized Single-Author Publisher ebook sales   53,000″

Source: Digital Arachnid: What Does Author Earnings Say to the Industry? – Publishing Perspectives

JZ Comment: once again we’ll temper this release with the statement that none of these figures have been reported directly by Amazon. This mysterious ‘Data Guy’, whoever he is, has used some clever crawling techniques on the available page and ranking data on Amazon’s site in a huge collection of raw data to form these figures (details in the article). No-one, except Amazon that is, can say how accurate his findings are but if what he is finding is true it backs up what JimandZetta has been saying for at least the last year – that ebook sales are NOT on the decline and are in fact thriving due to the huge shift away from from traditional publishers to self-publishing by authors.


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UK Earnings soar. Top 1% Earn 33% of Book Earnings! 

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Source: Earnings soar for UK’s bestselling authors as wealth gap widens in books industry


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