Amazon Launches the Kindle Reading Fund – Digital Book World

Amazon announced in a blog post today that it is launching the Kindle Reading Fund, a program that will work to make books “more easily available to communities around the world through digital reading.” The Fund will include donations of Kindle e-readers and ebooks.

As part of the new program, Amazon is partnering with Worldreader, a non-profit that aims to bring digital books to children and families who cannot access them, to donate thousands of Kindle e-readers.

Amazon is also donating devices to…[more]

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Amazon Readies New Kindle E-Reader That Puts Battery in External Case


In a first for the Seattle online retailer, Amazon will soon sell a higher-end Kindle with a rechargeable protective case for extended battery life, according to a person familiar with the matter. This removable cover will allow the Kindle to be thinner than earlier devices.

Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, said Monday on Twitter that an “all-new, top of the line Kindle” is almost ready, and promised the company would reveal details next week.

Pricing for the latest devices couldn’t be learned. A spokeswoman declined to elaborate on Mr. Bezos’s tweet.

The new Kindle and case are code-named “Whiskey” and “Soda,” respectively, and the solar-powered case is known internally as…


Source: Amazon Readies Kindle E-Reader That Puts Battery in External Case — WSJ –

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Amazon Takes Aim At Kindle Unlimited Scammers But Hits Authors | David Gaughran

Turns out there is a lot more to this story, all of it worrying and none of it reflecting well on Amazon. I have a contact at KDP who I emailed two days ago and didn’t get any response. Which is poor, but exactly fits with how Amazon has handled this issue.

The problem is much more serious than outlined already. And Amazon is fully aware of what is happening and is doing very little about it. The only conclusion I can draw is that Amazon doesn’t care.

So here’s what I’ve been hearing over the last 24 hours: the scammer examples I linked to are actually quite tame. The serious guys aren’t just using TOCs to inflate their page reads, but, as I speculated in the post, links to the back of the book, footnotes, and all sorts of other wheezes (like filling books with page breaks, filling books with the same text in 10 different languages – done by Google Translate – and then having a link go to the English version at the back, etc. etc.).”

NOTE: There are numerous updates at the bottom of this article, including responses from Amazon – the latest update being from March 31 as this story continues to develop. The short version i…

Source: Amazon Takes Aim At Scammers But Hits Authors | David Gaughran

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Kindle older than 2013? Update NOW – Mystery Kindle update will block readers from books after Wednesday 23rd Mar 2016

Kindle owners will be unable to download their purchased books or buy new ones without a computer handy if they fail to update their Amazon Kindles by Wednesday 23rd Mar 2016.

Users of Kindle models older than 2013 will need to apply an update over their device’s wireless connection to install a critical fix. Those who do not will be kicked from Amazon online properties, including the book store, and their cloud library of purchased books and documents.

Amazon has sent emails to user account inboxes warning to update. It has not explained what the fix addresses and had not responded to a request for comment by the time of publication.

In a notice posted to the Amazon website marked urgent the book baron says devices that are not updated by March 23 will sport a generic connection error message and must be manually updated using a computer.

Source: Mystery Kindle update will block readers from books after Wednesday

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Are Authors Being Ripped Off? – Amazon “Kindle Unlimited” Scammers Netting Millions | Selena Kitt

JZ Comment: If this is true – and Selena Kitt is a very well established author – EVERY author who uses Kindle Select should be reading this and following the subject very closely in the near future.

How are scammers making millions off Amazon? (And off any author enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program?)

It’s easy. So say digital entrepreneurs scammers like Dave Koziel – who admits to outsourcing his material, he’s not an actual writer or anything. You see, all you have to do it just upload “books” stuffed to the gills with anything, even unrelated material (romance books, cookbooks, South Beach diet books, foreign language texts, any and everything you’ve got at your disposal) then use a click-bait link at the front of the book (something like “Click here to win a Kindle Fire!”) to take the reader directly to the very back. A German blog has detailed these tactics as well, although it seems the German Amazon store (much smaller than the U.S. one) is cracking down on this now…

Source: SCAMAZON – Amazon “Kindle Unlimited” Scammers Netting Millions

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JZ added Comment: On March 14th Amazon posted the following ‘Global Announcement’ in response to this:


We have recently received a number of questions on topics such as TOC formatting and our policing of abuse and fraud among KDP publishers.

In many cases, putting a book’s Table of Contents (TOC) at the end of a book can create a poor experience for readers, and in general we suggest authors locate TOCs to the beginning of a book. If the formatting of a book results in a poor experience or genuine reader confusion, or is designed to unnaturally inflate sales or pages read, we will take action to remove titles and protect readers. That said, absent any other issues of quality, locating the TOC at the end of a book is not in itself outside of our guidelines.

Relatedly, some in the community have contacted us about the activities of a small minority of publishers who may attempt to inflate sales or pages read through the use of various techniques, such as adding unnecessary or confusing hyperlinks, misplacing the TOC or adding distracting content. We both actively police for this type of activity on our own as well as investigate when the community points out such abuse (thank you to those of you who have helped us in this regard). Any abuse we find results in the immediate suspension of a title. Some circumstances, including repeat offenses, will result in KDP account suspension. In any abuse cases, we will also remove related pages read from the allocation of the monthly KDP Select Global Fund.

We have updated the Kindle Guidelines to reflect the above. As you might expect, our guidelines – along with our processes to identify abuse — will continue to evolve. Our goal is to most effectively meet the needs of the many authors who so constructively support this community and Kindle readers.


The Kindle Direct Publishing Team

Why Do Kids Prefer To Read Print And Not Ebooks?

Nearly two-thirds of children will always want to read print books even though there are ebooks available. Literacy advocate and teacher Donna Rasmussen thinks this is because “We are tactile creatures. We will judge books by their covers and that’s okay,” she said. “We do many creative things with books we can’t with digital, like building a poetry out of book spines.”

Recent research conducted by BookTrust in association with the Open University revealed that 76% of surveyed parents found their children prefer print books for reading for pleasure and 69% prefer print books for educational reading. As for interactive e-books…

Source: Why Do Kids Prefer To Read Print And Not Ebooks?

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Amazon, spam and the biggest slushpile in history. | Literary Agents Advice (Could also be known as – “Just How Do You Tag/Meta Your Books Properly?”)

(Subtitle: What would Google do?)

(Series title: A spam-filled, junk-rich, keyword-dense post of suspense, intrigue, mystery and spam, spam, spam, spam, spam.)

at offers a strong answer to the question you arrived with? Or do you find the results a bafflingly hard-to-read collection of titles, only some of which look like books of real quality?

If you don’t know what I mean, try…

Source: Amazon, spam and the biggest slushpile in history. | Literary Agents Advice

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The collective insanity of the publishing industry – Gene Doucette

Unless you’re a writer, I imagine you haven’t been paying quite as close attention to the publishing industry and all its weirdness as I have, and that’s a shame, because it’s been really entertaining. Actually, entertaining isn’t the right word.  It’s been insane, but the kind of insane that’s unreasonably fun to watch from a safe remove. …

Source: The collective insanity of the publishing industry – Gene Doucette

JZ Comment: Brilliant piece by Gene Doucette and I suggest this is REQUIRED READING by anyone in the publishing industry. It backs up comment and warning I have made on previous jimandzetta blog posts about so-called ‘falling ebook sales’. The Big 5 simply do NOT like the ebook market.

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E-book Sales Tumbled in October 2015 – According to the A.A.P. at least

Sales of adult e-books dropped 22.0% in the month, compared to same period last year, according to figures released by the Association of American Publishers through its StatShot program.

JZ Comment:  As with previous “falling ebook sales” reports, please always temper this news with the fact that these figures are ONLY from those who report figures. In this this case, only 1205 publishers of the AAP reported the figures that produced this report. With the huge ebook business generated by authors moving to self-publishing platforms it can’t simply be extrapolated from these reports that the entire ebook industry is seeing ‘plunging’ sales. It is highly likely that the ebook industry, as a whole, is seeing continued growth.

Source: E-book Sales Tumbled in October

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SAFETY WARNING: Amazon recalls UK Kindle charger over electrical shock fears | UK | News | Daily Express

AMAZON has tonight issued an urgent safety warning to parents who bought Kindle Fire tablets for their children after discovering a fault with the gadgets’ charging system could cause electric shock.

Source: SAFETY WARNING: Amazon recalls Kindle charger over electrical shock fears | UK | News | Daily Express

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