What Do You Do When Your Book Pitch Tanks? – [SWP: Behind the Book]

It takes courage to share your writing with the world because everyone has something to say, sometimes in ways that nurture, sometimes in ways that scorch.

Early in my writing days, I received some unexpected praise from a mentor-author. When I thanked him, he must have heard my embarrassment. He shot back, “As a writer, praise is rare, criticism abounds. So take my praise and enjoy it.”

It wouldn’t take long before I discovered what he meant about the critics.

When it comes to art, everyone is a critic, and sometimes very vocal. But we shouldn’t forget that art is in the eye, the heart, and the ear, of the beholder.

Case in point…

Source: [SWP: Behind the Book] Getting Past Doubt and Back to Creativity – She Writes

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What Are Flat Adverbs? | bigwords101

Flat adverbs? Is this yet another grammatical thing we need to know about? Well, yes and no, but it isn’t difficult.

Let’s start at the beginning. Adverbs are the part of speech that “describe” verbs. They usually tell how or when or to what extent. And they can also describe adjectives or other adverbs. And to review, adjectives are the part of speech that usually describe nouns (or pronouns), tellingwhat kind. Here are some examples of adverbs:

  • He talks quietly. (Quietly is an adverb that tells how he talks.)
  • We will leave soon. (Soon is an adverb that tells when we will leave.)
  • He talks extremely quietly. (Extremely is an adverb describing another adverb – quietly – that tells to what extent.)
  • She is really pretty. (Here, really is an adverb describing the adjective pretty, telling to what extent.)

You have probably noticed that many (probably most) adverbs…

Source: bigwords101 — What Are Flat Adverbs?


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Top 10 Editing Tips for your Final Draft – She Writes

You’ve read all the great editing books, went through the manuscript at least a dozen times, fixed the largest gaping plot holes and checked your grammar (manually). The beta readers have even given their blessing. Think your epic novel is finally ready? Before you hit the send button, check out these ten pointers to ensure your novel is really ready for publication…

Source: Top 10 Editing Tips for your Final Draft – She Writes

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How to Market Your Book Without Stress (sort of) – She Writes

I get a lot of emails from authors who are discouraged because they aren’t having much luck with their marketing efforts. They want to know what my “secret” is because they think I have it all figured out.


Can I tell you something?

My “secret” is that I get discouraged too!

Let me share a true story: A few months ago…

Source: Book Marketing Is an Emotional Roller Coaster – She Writes

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How To Make Your Content Ebook-Friendly in Word


We released our first ebook resource today Formatting Ebook-Friendly Word Documents & Manuscripts, a handy guide which addresses the issues that can come from using Word content as a source for ebooks. MS Word is a powerful program overall and an easy to use word-processor but it wasn’t designed as a tool to prepare content for ebooks, so there’s a number of normal practices and methods authors employ using Word features which appear perfectly fine in Word, but can lead to problems down the line when the content is used as a source for ebooks. This guide helps you keep your content clean of hidden dangers! It’s aimed at both beginners and seasoned Word users.

The selling price is $5.99 but you can get Formatting Ebook-Friendly Word Documents & Manuscripts for a wallet-pleasing $3.99 till the end of February, exclusively from OmniLit.com!

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Commercial vs. Literary Fiction – She Writes

What is commercial fiction? The term gets thrown around a lot. Do you write “literary” fiction, or “commercial” fiction? As a writer, I hate this question. Labelling some kinds of fiction as commercial and others as literary implies that one is a higher calling than another. This question seems to be a favorite among writers, however. I’m only asked this question by other people who write, usually when we’re in class together. It usually strikes me as rude, because anyone who knows anything about the connotation of words (like writers do) would know that it’s a backwards sort of insult.

People usually ask this question when they consider themselves writers of literary fiction (to be said with a hoity-toity, la-dee-da type of tone).  But as readers, I find that people

Source: Commercial vs. Literary Fiction – She Writes

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Falling book prices could force authors to abandon their keyboards

Aimed at the Australian book industry, it nonetheless will resonate with authors and publishers in many other continents

Books are central to our lives, yet the outlook for authors, their readers and Australian literary culture has never been more bleak.The internet and e-books were meant to signal the death of the physical book. That didn’t happen. The plight of authors is another matter. As they face a perfect storm of relentless commercial pressures and repeated attacks by the federal government, the outlook for authors and their readers, and for Australia’s literary culture, has never been bleaker.

Recent surveys in Britain, the United States and Australia have revealed a serious slump in the income that authors receive from their writing. In Australia, authors have seen their average income from writing decrease from about $22,000 in the early 2000s to less than $13,000 in 2015. For many authors, that means…


Source: Falling book prices could force authors to abandon their keyboards

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Submitting Your Website to Web Directories | Erica Verrillo | LinkedIn

If you have recently launched a website, you may be wondering how to get it noticed. New websites may take weeks to get “crawled” by search engines – a delay which can transform the heady,

Source: Submitting Your Website to Web Directories | Erica Verrillo | LinkedIn

JZ comment: A handy guide for authors and publishers with new websites or sites that appear not to be getting the traffic you want.

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